Who I am

From CTO to CEO and most of the inbetweens, I’m a woman with a plan… a serial entrepreneur, mentor, Non-Exec Director, visiting university lecturer, an around-the-world public speaker, and — boom — did it all without a degree.

Rachel Murphy sitting on a chair smiling at the camera

Rachel Murphy.

Grafter. Happy.

I come from a good background and had a decent education, despite not really performing to the best of my abilities. The grounding was always there. My family is definitely entrepreneurial and my ‘friendly’ rivalry with my brothers keeps me on my toes. They too have built and have had companies valued at tens of millions.

I’ve got a great circle of friends who I’ll seek advice from when needed. If we’re mates, chances are we’ll work together at some point and regularly. I’m loyal to trusted colleagues and love to bring them in on projects or recommend them for others — usually whether they want me to or not!

I took my first tech interim contract at age 19 and never looked back. London, global organisations, corporate ladder, travelling the world — you name it. Nothing could get in my way, although I did actually lose my way.

How I got here.

I burned the candle at both ends. I always put in a proper shift — my work ethic was never the issue. I’m proud to say I took the power back and banished my inner demons. It wasn’t an easy process. I always say it’s about the journey, not the destination. I regained control and steered my journey in a new and positive direction.

I created and grew a services consultancy. Being a shy extrovert, I developed and lived by my infamous ‘More front than Sainsbury’s’ and ‘Let’s fucking have it’ attitude. It never failed me then and it’s never failed me yet!

I had a ‘build it, grow it, sell it’ plan from the outset. It was always the goal and year-on-year growth was key. In 2020 I sold the consultancy for an eight-figure price tag — concept to sale in 1,000 days and smashed my five-year plan out the park. It was a huge milestone of personal and professional achievement.

My business journey was inevitable — my destination is always to play for.

Volunteers in Ukraine

What came next.

Another massive global curveball . In 2022, I made two trips to the war-torn Ukraine. It was all ‘act now, think later’ and we did what we could. We raised £25,000 to help displaced mothers and children on the first trip and for soldiers on the front line on the second. I wrote about my experience of the Ukraine on Medium in #OperationUkraine. I witnessed heartbreaking devastation, horror, and chaos. We’ll never fully understand what the country and its people have been through. It was only made possible through the freedom and resources that selling the consultancy had given me. It was humbling.

What's happening now.

With the Grafter, we have a simple idea to offer the level of support I wish I had when I was growing the consultancy and ultimately preparing for sale. This is not a theoretical approach and I’m not coming at you with a text book and setting homework. It’s practical and real. It’s need-to-know information designed to navigate the pitfalls and get your sale over the line, but it’s definitely not a shortcut.

Our programmes are not for beginners. Our entry criteria is specific because it has to be.

It’s exclusive because it is.

Get in touch.

If you’ve been affected by any of the content on these pages, then hit me up and let’s have a chat. The business mentoring services are there, the public speaking is there, or if I can tailor something for you, it’s all up for discussion. What’s stopping you?

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