June 27, 2023

Building The Grafter: May & June 2023

As anticipated it’s been a whirlwind over the last 8 weeks since launching The Grafter.

It is important to me that I am building in the open and sharing the highs and lows of building a business.  This is third time around for me now so slightly more seasoned than my first in my twenties; certainly more grey hair to add into the mix!

Key achievements over the last 8 weeks

Website launch!!!  This was a proper mission.  I had a great team around me helping do the design, technical build, SEO planning and write the copy but my eleventh hour name change for the business did slow us down a little!

5 clients are now onboarded and working with me and The Grafter (me to be fair!) until I can extend an offer next month and wheel in my first full-time person to support (thank fuck)!

The next program Grow, Deliver and Scale is underway and is completing scoping and design and will move into the building phase early next month and aiming for launch Aug/Sep 2023

I am super excited to have the Carruthers and Jackson testimonial signed off post their Exit with support from The Grafter and that has now been shared on social media

Our social media manager (Stacey) has been hired and will start work next month leading all things The Grafter across various platforms!

What’s coming down the road that I am excited about

I am likely to be onboarding some ‘known quantity’  interims to help me deliver client work from Q4 of this year

I am shaping thoughts on how we can hire some juniors into the business with a structured program and clear progress path through skills and earning ability over a 5 year period for kick off next year

Doing something I am absolutely loving is super charging my energy!

What do I need to be doing less of

Pro bono work

Drinking so much coffee

Obsessing over social sodding media – so looking forward to handing this over!!

Feedback, comments, thoughts absolutely appreciated!!!!  Rach 🙂

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