Launch event Blum Connect Tech Canal

May 21, 2023

This was for Blum Connect’s new business launch and was being supported heavily by Sam Allsop-Hall’s crew, Tech Canal! Here I was talking about driving innovation in the public sector, rapid innovation, and how Covid gave us the opportunity to set fire to the rulebook. I mean, we all know what Covid took from us and how it impacted, but there are so many positives we’ve learnt from it, so many things it gave us… if that makes sense. Feels weird to say, but the world changed and we created our positives from such a shitshow. I discussed how we need to be careful to not go backwards from those learnings in relation to Implementation and Procurement, and talked specifically around interoperability and agile procurement. It was a cracking venue in an ancient church near to Liverpool Street and fabulous to see so many smiling faces! Good luck to the Blum team on their launch!

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