Normal gets you Nowhere Podcast with Sean Barrett

April 13, 2023

It was such a privilege being on Sean Barrett’s podcast Normal Gets You Nowhere! With a name like that, there was no way I was declining. I mean, it’s more or less been my mantra since day 1. I must say, it was the sweetest podcast and filming setup I have ever encountered! A shout out to my youngest bro for linking me in with Sean and knowing that we are two peas from the same pod with our love affair of social media!

Sean is in the property game. Up until that point, all the guests on Sean’s show had been boys and he was struggling to get any women. Say no more, up steps Murphy!

Eel Pie Island was one of the coolest offices I’ve ever been in. I mean,  you just need to ask Google about its rock ‘n’ roll history: the Rolling Stones, the Who, Yardbirds and the Floyd played there, so it seemed inevitable that I’d get to do the old, ‘Hello Eel Pie Island… are you ready to rock?!’

We covered every conceivable subject: NHS, entrepreneurialism, family history, the Grafter, selling Difrent in 1,000 days. Loved it. Absolutely loved it! I also managed a cheeky table turn and started interviewing Sean 🙂


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