March 7, 2023

Public Speaking: Legal and General

You’ll obviously know all about my public speaking, but you can read my take on how to maximise your exposure at speaking events.

I was invited back for a gig here to run a theme for the top 200 leaders across L&G on their leadership development programme. I ran the first session with their CFO, Jeff Davies. This second one was with their Chief Risk Officer, Nimol Rajkumar.

I led the authentication workstream as part of the programme and delivered a talk about authenticity. I took questions afterwards. It was short, sharp, and landed well. I talked about my personal ‘struggles’ of getting to know myself in order to fully know and understand people, how I wanted to grow and needed to learn how to do that, and how mentoring was invaluable to my journey.

“Rachel is a very high quality keynote speaker. She engages fully with the client brief and brings it to life in her authentic way. She is what I would call ‘a thoughtful practitioner’ – someone who has done the job of leading in its ups and downs, has reflected on her experiences and been able to crystallise her insights and learning. She’s then able to share this in an open, thoughtful and very engaging way with audiences. Her ability to take a very broad brief and keep to time in just over 10 minutes is also impressive.”

— Sara Estevez Cores, Legal & General

Although L&G are a huge corporate entity with large departments and teams operating within, I commended them on their culture. They’ve got big personality  – big teams bursting with character – that you’d assume was different to their board level crew and it was refreshing to see. People were on the same footing and hierarchies seemed invisible.

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