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Business 360: What’s to come

Introducing the Business 360 service – a suite designed to bolster your professional service organisation. This tool empowers us to curate bespoke service packages for prospective clients. If delving into the Business 360 experience piques your interest let’s connect and explore how this transformative tool can elevate your business.


Personal Principles

Personal Principles or a User Manual this describes exactly how I personally like to work, with whom, the sort of tools I use and best times to engage with me and for what. Feel free to rip off and adopt! Particularly useful when landing somewhere new.


Monthly Review

Invaluable for tracking and prioritising your time both personally and professionally. It tells you if behaviours are killing your time to help you streamline your productivity over the coming month.


Wim Hof Method Guided Breathing for Beginners

A 20-25 minute meditation where you focus on your physical and mental health. It’s a widely-respected, powerful, breathing method to kickstart your day.


Wardley Mapping

This allows you to create situational awareness of an environment. I used it to map an IT estate to see what you hold on to, invest or retire, and I used it to compare offers when I sold the services consultancy.


The Business Model Canvas

With this you can create a one-pager of what the value proposition is of the services you provide. You’ll cover every aspect of the company to understand what’s got legs and what it would cost to spin up.


Leading Change in Public Sector

I’ve used this deck to deliver many times for many different audiences. As the title suggests, it covers some of the challenges leading and delivering change.


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