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AdviseInc, a healthcare spend data management company, had a successful track record, especially during the critical period of COVID-19, where they collaborated with the NHS on crucial projects such as providing free tools for managing PPE. However, as the organisation navigated their next steps, the executive team recognised the need for external guidance to ensure that their business could not only sustain its growth but also strategically expand into new frontiers.

The challenge for AdviseInc was not just about addressing immediate concerns but about strategically positioning the company for sustained growth, innovation, and international expansion. Turning to trusted friends, The Grafter, to navigate this pivotal phase to help AdviseInc emerge with a refined strategy ready for the next leg of their growth journey.

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Embarking on a comprehensive 360° Business Assessment, we scrutinised AdviseInc’s Strategy, Business Development, Support Services, and Delivery. We meticulously identified strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, aiming not just to validate but to refine their existing strategy. By challenging assumptions and infusing external perspectives, we ensured alignment with AdviseInc’s overarching goals and the dynamic healthcare landscape.

Recognising AdviseInc’s unique market position and potential for growth, we embarked on a comprehensive strategy to double their annual revenue. This involved a multifaceted approach to maximise AdviseInc’s strengths and capitalise on new opportunities.

Firstly, we recommended creating an advisory board composed of industry experts and thought leaders. This board was to be instrumental in guiding AdviseInc’s strategic decisions, particularly in exploring expansion beyond the healthcare sector. By leveraging the diverse expertise of the advisory board, AdviseInc would gain valuable insights into adjacent markets and emerging trends, opening doors to new revenue streams and partnerships.

Secondly, we focused on enhancing efficiency and scalability within AdviseInc’s operations. We introduced a partner who integrated automated processes into their software services, reducing manual workload and increasing productivity. This not only freed up valuable resources but also allowed AdviseInc to handle larger volumes of data and clients without compromising quality.

Furthermore, we made recommendations for a website refresh to ensure AdviseInc’s online presence reflected their innovative solutions and market leadership. A modern and user-friendly website not only attracts potential clients but also reinforces AdviseInc’s credibility and professionalism in the industry.


The collaboration between AdviseInc and The Grafter proved to be a transformative phase for the company. Our active involvement spurred AdviseInc to refine its strategy, ensuring it wasn’t just a continuation but a strategic evolution. Together, we developed a roadmap to double their annual recurring revenue from £2.4 million to £4 million. This partnership challenged the organisation to envision beyond its current trajectory, identifying untapped potentials and proactively preparing for the impact of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence.

The collaboration with The Grafter injected renewed energy into AdviseInc. This, combined with strategic insights and effective network leverage, positioned AdviseInc not only to retain existing clients but also to actively pursue and capitalise on growth opportunities in 2024.

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