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Digital Modus, a dynamic professional services and software development firm, recognised an opportune moment to fortify its position in the competitive landscape by strategising for future success. Amidst the bustling environment of the public sector market, Digital Modus faced the imperative task of not only establishing its presence but also differentiating itself from entrenched competitors. With a keen eye on industry trends and an ambition to carve out a distinct niche, Digital Modus embarked on a journey to chart a strategic course that would propel its growth trajectory.

To address these challenges head-on, Digital Modus enlisted the expertise of The Grafter, a renowned strategic advisory firm celebrated for its prowess in business development and strategic planning. Recognising The Grafter’s track record of delivering tailored solutions to businesses seeking growth and innovation, Digital Modus embarked on a collaborative journey to unlock its full potential.

Expert Advisory and Business Development Solutions

The journey began with an exhaustive analysis of Digital Modus’s competitive landscape. By identifying key competitors and understanding market dynamics, The Grafter facilitated a comprehensive understanding of Digital Modus’s position within the industry. Subsequently, a series of strategic workshops were conducted to define the company’s vision, purpose, and mission. Through the renowned “golden circle” exercise, Digital Modus clarified its core motivations, methodologies, and unique value propositions (USPs), laying a solid foundation for future actions.

Building upon the strategic framework, The Grafter and Digital Modus collaboratively set ambitious yet attainable goals for the upcoming year. These goals encompassed not only financial targets but also broader business objectives aligned with Digital Modus’s overarching mission. Through meticulous planning sessions, priorities were established, ensuring focused efforts on initiatives critical for long-term success.

Recognising the importance of organisational alignment, The Grafter facilitated a thorough team canvas to ensure that every member shared a unified vision and understood their role in achieving it. This exercise fostered cohesion and synergy within the team, enhancing collective effectiveness. Additionally, Digital Modus’s key propositions were refined, aligning them with identified customer segments and revenue streams. This iterative process ensured that Digital Modus’s offerings were finely tuned to meet market demands while staying true to its strategic objectives.

Through detailed discussions, it became apparent that Digital Modus had the potential to split into two distinct entities: a professional services business and a software development business. This insight led to the refinement of clear propositions for each entity, streamlining operations and improving market positioning.

The culmination of these efforts was the creation of a comprehensive 12-month roadmap, meticulously outlining actionable steps and timelines. Guided by the “seven questions” framework, the roadmap provided a clear trajectory for Digital Modus’s growth journey, incorporating feedback loops and milestones to track progress effectively.


The strategic partnership with The Grafter had a profound impact on Digital Modus. Through strategic guidance, Digital Modus was able to identify and prioritise key areas for development, ensuring efficient resource allocation and tangible progress towards their goals. This comprehensive approach laid a strong foundation for Digital Modus to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the public sector market, providing them with a clear strategic direction and roadmap for success.

“Engaging with The Grafter has been invaluable in defining clarity around what’s truly important for our business within specific timeframes. Having access to someone with extensive experience to talk through these challenges has proven to be immensely valuable. The true value of such guidance cannot be quantified but is vital for our growth and success.”

Nick Howes, Chief Executive Officer

The Grafter’s expertise facilitated the establishment of a clear strategic direction for Digital Modus, defining a mission, vision, and values that provided a robust framework for the company’s future endeavours. Additionally, The Grafter’s guidance led to the optimisation of Digital Modus’s business structure, enabling them to split into two separate entities and define distinct propositions for each business. This restructuring paved the way for streamlined operations and enhanced market positioning, positioning Digital Modus for growth and success in the competitive market.

Overall, the partnership with The Grafter increased Digital Modus’s confidence in its ability to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, providing them with the tools and support needed to thrive in the dynamic public sector market. Through its unique understanding of business growth and adapting offerings to the client’s needs, The Grafter not only helped Digital Modus overcome its immediate challenges but also laid a solid foundation for sustained success in the future.


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