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Oxford Insights, a renowned research organisation specialising in the intersection of emerging technology and government transformation, found itself at a critical juncture in its growth trajectory. Despite its global recognition for excellence in research and strategy consulting, the company faced significant hurdles in scaling its operations and strengthening its commercial functions to unlock the next phase of growth. 

The challenge lay in bridging the gap between its exceptional research capabilities and the imperative to amplify presence in a fiercely competitive market landscape and maintain ongoing relationships to unlock the full potential of repeat business. 

Recognising this critical gap and the need for external support, Oxford Insights sought guidance from a trusted advisor for a tailored solution that would address these specific challenges and deliver noticeable impact to the business.

Grow and Scale

As Oxford Insights approached annual revenues of £1 million, the company set its sights on doubling its revenue to £2 million annually. To achieve this ambitious goal, it became evident that critical gaps in commercial capabilities needed to be addressed.

Leveraging a comprehensive 360° Business Assessment, we meticulously analysed Oxford Insights’ operations across strategy, business development, support services, and delivery. This assessment provided invaluable insights into the organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities, serving as the foundation for strategically targeted interventions. These interventions aimed to revitalise Oxford Insights’ marketing endeavours, improve client relationship management, and foster a more commercially adept mindset within the team.

The assessment identified a critical need for enhanced client relationship management, highlighting the importance of sustained client engagement in driving repeat business and referrals. While Oxford Insights excelled in delivering exceptional research and consultancy services, post-project interactions with clients often ceased, posing risks to long-term partnerships and business growth. To address this, The Grafter incorporated essential account management principles into Oxford Insights’ operations to ensure continued strong relationships with clients and to identify opportunities for future work, thereby maximising the value of each client engagement.

Another primary area identified for improvement was marketing. Oxford Insights revamped its marketing efforts by rebuilding its website for increased clarity of its unique propositions, leveraging social media platforms, actively seeking opportunities to share thought leadership at industry speaking events, and sponsoring conferences to enhance visibility and brand awareness.

Furthermore, The Grafter facilitated internal mindset shifts, instilling a more commercially savvy and proactive approach among team members. Through tailored workshops and coaching sessions, employees embraced a results-driven mindset, focusing on delivering high-quality proposals and actively pursuing new business opportunities.


The partnership between Oxford Insights and The Grafter yielded tangible results, propelling the organisation towards a trajectory of sustained growth and heightened commercial success. While immediate revenue impacts were anticipated to materialise in the following year, the foundational changes implemented during the engagement laid the groundwork for sustained growth and scalability. 

Team members embraced a results-driven approach, with a renewed focus on organisational success and sustainability. Initiatives such as off-site workshops facilitated open dialogue and alignment towards common goals, fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement. Notably, a significant shift in organisational mindset was observed, with team members exhibiting increased commercial acumen and motivation.

Within a short period, the team demonstrated remarkable progress in proposal generation and submission. A heightened sense of accountability and competitiveness led to improved bid quality and a proactive approach to business development, reflecting a deeper understanding of client needs and enhanced value proposition, and led to a notable uptick in win rates.

Integrating account management principles has become a cornerstone of Oxford Insights’ growth strategy, ensuring that no opportunity is overlooked, and every client interaction is leveraged to its fullest potential. Six months into implementing these new practices, including engaging in strategic mapping exercises and creating ongoing value for clients through regular conversations, Oxford Insights has seen a significant increase in client-generated revenue, generating 2X ROI.

Reflecting on the value of our support, CEO & Co-Founder Richard Stirling said:

I like building and recruiting diverse teams, and having challenge from a different point of view is really helpful. I also know, like and trust Rach, and therefore listen to her advice. We are fundamentally hugely different people, but I know the integrity of her advice and perspective.

In the upcoming growth phase, Oxford Insights plans to invest in additional roles and capabilities within its team to further bolster operational functions. Beyond internal enhancements, Oxford Insights is actively working to leverage The Grafter’s community network to explore collaboration opportunities and expand its industry footprint.

In summary, through strategic collaboration with The Grafter, Oxford Insights embarked on a transformative journey towards sustainable growth and scalability. By addressing critical challenges and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence, Oxford Insights positioned itself for sustained success in an ever-evolving business landscape.


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