Learn from my experience. I did it the hard way, so you don’t need to. We know it’s not easy. It gets easier the more you know, and having the right team there to steer you is the biggest and most valuable resource for your journey.

Business Mentoring.

Learn all you can about your business. As mad as that sounds. I learnt all I could from businesspeople, entrepreneurs, mentors and VCs who’d built and sold countless times. This is the crucial point in your pre-sale where you need the right people to absorb the knowledge from. I’ve built two discrete services — The Eight-Figure Exit and Grow and Scale — to help you make this a reality.


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The Founders Journey.

This programme is a perfect complement to Grow, Scale & Exit Services. Over 12-weeks, you develop the mental, emotional, and life skills you need to make sure you are growing along with your business, and to become an even more extraordinary leader. Along the way, you will break traditional patterns of thinking and working so you can build on your successes with ease.

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Set up a conversation and let’s see what I can bring to the party. This service is as niche and unique as you and your requirements. It’s only from getting to know more about where you want to be that I can mould the outcome for this engagement. My dance card for Non-Exec Director roles is complete, but I always keep a spare pair of shoes for any other occasion.

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Public Speaking.

Give your event a right old kick up the arse by having me take it to the next level. I’ll fire up your audience and leave them bursting with new ideas. In addition to that, you’ll get the uncensored reality of Concept to sale of a consultancy, Transformation of the NHS, Leadership, My personal journey, A gay woman in a man’s world.

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Get in touch.

If you’ve been affected by any of the content on these pages, then hit me up and let’s have a chat. The business mentoring services are there, the public speaking is there, or if I can tailor something for you, it’s all up for discussion. What’s stopping you?

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