Eight-Figure Exit

Rocket launches into space

Who it's for.

This programme is for founders, CEOs or management teams of consultancies and services businesses (boutique consultancies, those in IT and digital recruitment, design, technical build, social media, communications and PR) who are turning over £2 million to £20 million and looking to sell in a minimum of two years from now.

It’s a mix of ‘how to’ and ‘how you actually do’ maximise your company’s value and get it fit for sale — a 12-week programme with a blend of mentoring and consultancy where you’ll learn how to tell potential buyers the story of your business.

The 4 key milestones:

1. Key assets

Storytelling, collating your key business documents and building a sale pack.

2. Business efficiencies

Market testing, ways of working and growth.

3. Exit strategy

It’s about knowing what you (the founder) actually want from the sale and matching the potential buyer’s culture to that of your own business.

4. Bonus content: company valuation

I paid £10,000 to get a ‘proper’ valuation when I sold the services consultancy. A lot of the information I had to collate for the valuation is covered here. Don’t say I never give you anything!

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