Concept to sale of a services business

Building a UK-based services consultancy (incorporating User Research, Service Design, Build, Delivery and Development) and taking it from concept to sale over a 1,000-day period for a total eight-figure price tag.

Here I discuss:

  • strategy
  • brand
  • operational plans
  • people
  • strategic selling
  • what went wrong
  • courting potential buyers
  • selling the business
  • post-sale

Key Messages:

It's absolutely possible for anyone to do what I did (it just requires serious graft and a reasonable amount of self belief)

For me it’s about the journey, not the destination

Being an authentic leader

Honesty about the things I got wrong

Public speaking subjects

Transformation of the NHS

I led the patient-facing transformation of the NHS and introduced things like the NHS App to the healthcare system in the UK. We went from a repository of content (NHS Choices) and built live transaction services that 50 million users a month access.

My Personal Journey and Development

I learnt I am the biggest investment I’ll ever make. My talk stems from this and branches into fitness, meditation, getting sober, the 12-step programme, learning, my interest in psychedelics and my experience on the global leadership programme for the top 1% of entrepreneurs.


Leadership is multi-layered with many moving parts. I’ve had to be comfortable being on such a public platform and comfortable in my own skin. With all eyes on you, tough days in the office can be spectacular! 

A gay woman in a man’s world

As a gay woman who came out aged 17, I’ve been open and out in the workplace since day one. During this time I’ve dealt with homophobic behaviour, but I’ve never let it hold me back.

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