I’ve been managing people in a male-dominated industry since I was 19. I’ve had responsibility for teams over 500 FTE, multi-location, international delivery, rainbow teams across suppliers and permanent staff, across different time zones and managing conflicting priorities. To reiterate: tough days in the office are spectacular!

I’d say I’m not a great manager, but my investment in personal development has made me a pretty decent leader. I know I have great integrity, and it shows in some of the words that have been used to describe me: tenacious, determined, energetic, passionate, honest, authentic and informal.

At my last company I created a great culture and led from the top. I introduced initiatives like the CEO Open Door, regular All Hands sessions. I maintained that open door policy as we transitioned into remote working. There was much uncertainty at that point in time and it was even more important that everyone across the organisation knew I was always available, and I remained as visible and online as possible throughout.

People would have walked through fire for me, but I was a bit of a superhero leader. I’m on a journey to change that. The next company will be more sustainable and reliant on processes, rather than just my network and passion for people!

Key Messages:

  • I’m a good leader, but not a great manager. Recognise and play to your strengths!
  • Understanding yourself is key to being a successful leader.
  • Being in a senior leadership role can be lonely. Be ready for that!

Public speaking subjects

Concept to sale of a services business

Over a period of 1,000 days I built and sold a digital transformation consultancy called Difrent who designed and built services across the public sector and the NHS. I then sold the business for an eight-figure sum.

Transformation of the NHS

I led the patient-facing transformation of the NHS and introduced things like the NHS App to the healthcare system in the UK. We went from a repository of content (NHS Choices) and built live transaction services that 50 million users a month access.

My Personal Journey and Development

I learnt I am the biggest investment I’ll ever make. My talk stems from this and branches into fitness, meditation, getting sober, the 12-step programme, learning, my interest in psychedelics and my experience on the global leadership programme for the top 1% of entrepreneurs.

A gay woman in a man’s world

As a gay woman who came out aged 17, I’ve been open and out in the workplace since day one. During this time I’ve dealt with homophobic behaviour, but I’ve never let it hold me back.

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