Transformation of the NHS

This project was all about the technology we introduced, with new ways of working, multi-disciplinary teams, agile procurement and, frankly, getting the job done! The velocity by which we worked was just unreal.

Here I discuss:

  • transforming the governance from 12 boards to 1
  • introducing multi-supplier procurement and delivery
  • creating a visual proposition to get buy-in across the team and stakeholders
  • building a digital lab environment for the team, where clinicians were seconded over to help us
  • delivery against various ministerial commitments
  • creating communities of practice across the different Digital disciplines
  • components of the portfolio, including NHS.UK, NHS App, Citizen ID, Wifi into every hospital, and widening digital participation (engaging hard to reach members of the public)

Key Messages:

  • If you want to be liked, or even like to be liked, then leading such a change programme as this probably is not the role for you. I had complaints about me to the then Secretary of State. I had to suck it up.
  • Achieving what our team did at the NHS has made a fundamental difference to how we deliver health services industry-wide in the UK. I will be forever humbled and proud of my contribution.
  • I have a massive love affair with the NHS.

Public speaking subjects

Concept to sale of a services business

Over a period of 1,000 days I built and sold a digital transformation consultancy called Difrent who designed and built services across the public sector and the NHS. I then sold the business for an eight-figure sum.

My Personal Journey and Development

I learnt I am the biggest investment I’ll ever make. My talk stems from this and branches into fitness, meditation, getting sober, the 12-step programme, learning, my interest in psychedelics and my experience on the global leadership programme for the top 1% of entrepreneurs.


Leadership is multi-layered with many moving parts. I’ve had to be comfortable being on such a public platform and comfortable in my own skin. With all eyes on you, tough days in the office can be spectacular! 

A gay woman in a man’s world

As a gay woman who came out aged 17, I’ve been open and out in the workplace since day one. During this time I’ve dealt with homophobic behaviour, but I’ve never let it hold me back.

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