8 Figure Exit. Entrepreneur. Mentor. Public Speaker.
Entrepreneur. Mentor. Public Speaker. 8 Figure Exit. Grafter. Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur. Mentor. Grafter. 8 Figure Exit. Public Speaker.
Grafter. 8 Figure Exit. Public Speaker.

A business consultancy doing what it does best. Mentoring. Advisory. Public speaking.

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It’s about the journey, not the destination, and they’re both shaped by your commitment to the process. There’s no guarantee where your destination will be, but that’s where the Grafter steps in. 

The Grafter is a business consultancy developed by serial entrepreneur Rachel Murphy through decades of high achievement and success. It incorporates determination, resilience, consistency, and innate business sense. Our mentoring services for nailing an eight-figure exit and growth and scale are unique, honest, and presented with unrivalled energy and next-level banter – all killer, no vanilla. 

“Rachel was an incredibly remarkable guest speaker, balancing candidness and determination. A week after her talk, employees were still sharing how much her leadership journey had resonated with them. They commented how influential it had been to have such an authentic account from someone who ‘had made it’ in their professional career despite facing several challenges along the way. She answered to employees’ questions with specific and relevant examples, highlighting the importance of learning from failure and leaning on others through coaching and mentoring to become an effective leader”

Eloise Molyneaux – Legal & General

“We asked Rachel to deliver a guest speaker slot about the importance of bringing our whole, authentic selves to work – and that’s exactly what we got! She delivered a passionate, high energy, warts-and-all key-note that illustrated exactly how she has achieved so much. She is an inspiration!”

Chris Cole – Chair, PRIDE Network Group, BMW UK

“Rachel is an expert in the field of change, leadership and culture, which she brings to life with her lived experience. As a leader I can completely see why, what and how I need to move forward for myself, my team and my organisation. Rachel’s keynote was the call to action so many of us needed.”

Nazia Fitzpatric – Head of Leadership and Engagement, Ministry of Defence

“Honest, inspiring, transparent and motivating. Rachel’s ability to share her lived experience — her personal and professional journey — to a room of LGBTQ+ technologists left the room on their feet and high fiving their neighbors from the excitement. She takes what she’s lived and makes possibility a reality with tangible steps to build a pathway. You get solid, real-world, high-energy delivery from Rachel and every conference could benefit from amplifying her message.”

Michelle Skoor – Lesbians who Tech

“Throughout the planning process for our organisation wide event for Lesbian Visibility Day, Rachel was a breath of fresh air – enthusiastic and open to building and adapting the session around the audience and our needs. The event was energetic, and Rachel shared her story with both humour and honesty. Attendee feedback named the event as insightful, inspirational, and refreshing. We’d not hesitate to invite Rachel back in future, and I’ve no doubt she’d be welcomed with open arms by our staff!”

Briony Gardner – Customer Experience Delivery, NHSBSA

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If you’ve been affected by any of the content on these pages, then hit me up and let’s have a chat. The business mentoring services are there, the public speaking is there, or if I can tailor something for you, it’s all up for discussion. What’s stopping you?

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