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A resilient model and scalable structure with e18 Innovation


Louise Wall, Founder of e18 Innovation, a leading provider of Intelligent Automation services in the UK healthcare sector, faced a critical juncture in the evolution of her business.

Working with both global corporations and startups, with a focus on providing digital transformation solutions to healthcare organisations, particularly within the NHS, e18 Innovation had already achieved significant success. But the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a reevaluation of the business model and the decision to focus predominantly on Intelligent Automation.

Recognising the need for a more resilient model and scalable structure, Wall sought strategic guidance to further enhance the business’s value and profitability.

Grow and Scale

Working in close collaboration with The Grafter, the team embarked on a comprehensive review of e18 Innovation’s commercial aspects, revenue streams, and overall offerings using our Business 360 model. This included a meticulous examination of maturity and capability of critical functions across the organisation, including existing projections, revenue streams, and business goals.

From this analysis, we developed a new business strategy and value proposition, supported by a framework and strategic roadmap to guide e18 Innovation from its current state to long-term objectives, taking a phased and manageable approach.

Central to this transformation was a revamp of e18 Innovation’s messaging, Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), branding, and website. This rebranding exercise aimed to forge a distinct identity for the company, aligning with its genuine passion for advancing the automation sector and empowering people working within the NHS.

Additionally, the review highlighted a dependency on reselling software licences, leading to a strategic shift towards offering a diversified portfolio of services based on the skills and capabilities of the team and ensuring the development of sustainable revenue streams.

Regular accountability calls ensure ongoing progress and prevent the strategic plan from becoming a one-time endeavour. The focus extended beyond merely creating a strategy to embedding accountability and actionability into the day-to-day operations.


The results of The Grafter’s strategic advisory have been substantial for e18 Innovation. Transitioning away from the exclusive reliance on reselling software, the consultancy has significantly increased its bottom line. Early indicators suggest a potential 10x return on the investment made in The Grafter’s services. The shift towards a multi-revenue stream model has not only added financial stability but has also reduced risk for the business.

In the ongoing journey of transformation with The Grafter, e18 Innovation has discovered a valuable asset beyond strategic planning — a dynamic community of founders. Access to this community has proven to be a significant asset, not only for problem-solving and knowledge sharing but also for expanding networks. This collaborative approach reflects not only a shared commitment to success but also the recognition that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

On a personal level, e18 Innovation founder, Louise Wall, credits The Grafter founder, Rachel Murphy, with boosting her confidence as a female business owner, dispelling imposter syndrome, and empowering her to lead with conviction, saying:

“Rachel has given me a lot of confidence in being a female business owner. I deserve my place at the table and am becoming more confident in my own ability to lead this business in a profitable, respected direction, to continue delivering great outcomes for the NHS.”

This newfound confidence has had a cascading effect within the organisation, fostering an environment where female leaders are encouraged and supported.

In essence, the impact of The Grafter’s strategic advisory extends beyond tangible financial gains, encompassing personal growth, cultural transformation, and the positioning of e18 Innovation as a leader in the healthcare automation sector. The ongoing relationship with The Grafter ensures that this transformation is not just a one-time success but a sustained trajectory toward long-term objectives.

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