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Coltech Global, a technology staffing company co-founded by individuals with nearly 15 years of experience in the sector, grappled with the challenge of transitioning from a conventional staffing model to a more enriched and service-oriented approach. The founders, well-versed in the intricacies of technology staffing, recognised the necessity for a different strategy in client engagement and service delivery that adds substantial value.

Initially established as a traditional staffing business, Coltech Global operated within the familiar confines of the staffing model. However, the founders identified the need for a paradigm shift to better engage clients, offer increased value, and evolve from a staffing-centric model to a more dynamic role as a “Company as a Service” partner. This evolution was driven by the aspiration to provide clients with a holistic and value-driven solution for scaling their teams and projects.

Recognising the need for a fresh approach to achieve this ambitious vision, Coltech Global sought experience support of The Grafter’s Grow and Scale service—a transformative journey crafted to drive businesses towards sustainable growth, operational excellence, and heightened profitability.

Grow & Scale

In collaboration with The Grafter, Coltech Global underwent a strategic shift from traditional recruitment practices to a more solution-oriented and value-added service approach. The initiation included a 360° Business Assessment, providing an in-depth analysis of Coltech Global’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats across critical domains such as Strategy, Business Development, Support Services, and Delivery.

Over a concentrated four-month period, The Grafter collaborated closely with Coltech Global to revolutionise their approach to selling services, restructuring the business, defining roles, and positioning in the market. The emphasis was on aligning the founders’ vision, strategically positioning the company, and developing a roadmap for sustainable growth.

Shifting away from conventional recruitment practices, Coltech Global embraced an agile team-building approach. Rather than conforming to predefined roles, individuals were aligned with their strengths, ensuring a better fit for both the employee and the company. This process underwent refinement, testing, and ultimately proved successful in securing new projects.

Together, Coltech Global and The Grafter identified two key service offerings that seamlessly aligned with larger consultancies and systems integrators. The first involved providing outcome-based projects for consultancies, assisting them in filling gaps without maintaining an extensive bench. The second entailed offering a flexible and cost-effective alternative to direct end clients, delivering project teams with reduced overheads and faster response times.

Aligned with the company’s vision, this strategic shift positioned Coltech Global not only for domestic growth but also for international expansion at pace.


The transformative collaboration between Coltech Global and The Grafter yielded rapid and tangible results both internally and externally. With clarity on the company’s direction, fostering alignment in positions and goals, this resonated not only within the organisation but also externally, attracting increased client interest.

Internally, the transformation brought clarity to Coltech Global’s direction and aligned the founders’ vision. The Founder’s Journey programme became a crucible for leadership skills, with the founders gaining profound insights into their aspirations and leadership styles, contributing to a more strategic and visionary role within the company and cohesive organisational mindset.

Operational efficiency at Coltech Global received a significant boost. Roles were redefined based on individual strengths, fostering a team that operated with increased efficacy. The crafted playbook for growth and scaling provided a structured and proven process for seamless business expansion.

“Aligning ourselves with a strategic vision for our company has been the biggest game changer. We’re playing to our strengths as leaders, and the strengths of our teams, immediately impacting the kinds of work we’re winning and projects we’re delivering.”

– Pat

Coltech Global’s business model transformed from predominantly permanent-based to a dynamic contract-based approach in the US. This strategic shift translated into impressive results, with the US contract book rising to £25k per week and monthly turnover reaching to £500k. The US arm’s meteoric rise extended to the UK, with a surge in project-based revenue reaching £50k per week. This contributed an additional projected turnover of around £300k per month. 

The overall projected revenue increase is in the range of a couple of million pounds, reflecting a substantial return on investment from The Grafter’s Grow and Scale service.

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